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Throughout the year, we hold a range of campaigns, appeals and events and to raise awareness of high blood pressure.

Our campaigns support people in getting high blood pressure under control.


Know Your Numbers!

Know Your Numbers! is our award-winning flagship campaign, raising awareness of high blood pressure. 

Health and fitness professionals up and down the country offer free blood pressure checks at awareness-raising events throughout the year, or as part of Know Your Numbers! Week every September. It’s the nation’s biggest blood pressure testing event, reaching out to the millions who have high blood pressure and don’t know it.

Since 2001, we’ve reached 1.5 million people with a free check, giving them the chance to take control of their health.

Find out more about Know Your Numbers, and if you’re interested in hosting a Pressure Station, contact us on 020 7882 6255 or


STOP Stroke

After new research found that nine out of 10 strokes could be prevented, we launched a campaign in March 2017 to STOP Stroke.

Stroke is a major cause of death in the UK and the largest cause of disability, but six out of 10 strokes could be prevented by managing blood pressure to a healthy level.

The campaign aimed to raise awareness of the major causes of stroke and that it can be prevented, encouraging people to change their lifestyles to lower their blood pressure and their risk of stroke.


Salt Campaign

Blood Pressure UK launched a salt campaign, which has three main aims:

  • to persuade supermarkets to stock more no and low salt food products
  • to ensure the government sets salt reduction targets beyond 2017.
  • to ensure traffic light labelling is introduced for online food shopping.

To find out more or to get involved please contact 




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