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Promoting your Pressure Station

We can help you attract lots of interest in your Know Your Numbers! event.


Take a look at our tips below and what we’ll do to help.


How we will support your event

We will send you a promotion guide when you register to host a Pressure Station with details of how you can promote your event. We will also send you a template news release for you to send to the local press.

We will put your Pressure Station on our website, so that when people use our online search tool to find their nearest blood pressure check, your venue will appear to those who live nearby.

Our media campaign reaches millions of people every year, guiding them to our website and to search for a pressure check.


How to promote your event 

Follow these tips to reach as many people as possible: 

  • Make your Pressure Station visible. Make sure your Pressure Station is in a prominent location in a public place, so that lots of people will pass by and see it. Use our resource pack materials, including posters, balloons and leaflets, to create an eye-catching display.

  • Promote your event early. Let people know about your event in the weeks leading up to it. For example:

- use the template news release we’ll send you to contact the local media

- put up the posters we’ll send you which have a space to write the location of your Pressure Station

- send out email alerts and invitations

- use your organisation’s intranet to promote your Pressure Station to colleagues and staff

- use social media to spread the word. Find us on twitter at @BloodPress_UK and use the hashtag #KnowYourNumbers and find us on facebook using @bloodpressureuk

  • Share your photos. Take lots of cheerful photos for social media to advertise your event throughout the week. Send them our way too so that we can share them and get people excited about next year. We can also include them in our evaluation report so others can see how you got on.
  • Invite the local press along. Invite them to take a photo and talk about your event at the start of the week to get people interested in coming along during the week.

Please make it clear in all your promotions and publicity that your event is part of our Know Your Numbers! campaign. This helps let people know that they are not alone – we are working to beat high blood pressure and we are here to provide information and support, along with the services you can provide.

Being part of Know Your Numbers! Week is a great opportunity for you to promote the good work that you and your organisation do, and can help guide people to your other services.


Please note that Know Your Numbers!® is a registered trademark and all activities must be done in partnership with Blood Pressure UK.



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