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Frequently asked questions about Know Your Numbers!

Are there guidelines I need to follow to take part?

Everyone hosting a Pressure Station must agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Ensure that the person taking blood pressure measurements is qualified to do so as part of their professional role.

2. Have access to an accurate, clinically validated blood pressure monitor. The British and Irish Hypertension Society have a list of validated monitors

3. Agree that no payment will be made to Pressure Stations either by Blood Pressure UK or by the individual being tested. (Blood Pressure UK does, however, reserve the right to use the event for Blood Pressure UK fundraising purposes).

4. Follow our guidelines for blood pressure testing, as provided in the resource packs.

5. Agree to use the resources supplied (namely the posters, leaflets and testing guidelines). 

6. Provide us with details of each Pressure Station you’re running, including location(s) and times of testing by the date given in the email we will send you when you register.

7. Agree that any promotion of your involvement with Know Your Numbers! Week, and any associated PR activities, will be done responsibly and as outlined in the promotion guide.

8. Agree that the medico-legal liability for people and organisations giving blood pressure measurement remains with the individual and/or the organisation, and not with Blood Pressure UK.

9. Ensure that the specified payment is made to Blood Pressure UK to cover the costs of taking part.

If you are unable to meet any of the above but are still interested in taking part with a Pressure Station, please email


How many resources should I order?

As a rough guide, health professionals take the blood pressures of 7-8 people per hour at Pressure Stations on average. The number of people you see will depend on various things including how many people pass by, how many readings you take for each person, and how long you spend talking to each person, for example.

Remember to include some materials for display purposes in your order.


I've taken part before, do I need to register again this year?

Yes, everyone needs to register each year to take part in Know Your Numbers! Week.


How do I know if I have registered correctly?

You will be registered when you have completed both the Contact form and the Location form

We will send you a confirmation email after you’ve completed both the Location form and the Contact form when you register. If you haven't received your confirmation email, please check your spam or junk email folder, and if it’s not there, contact us.


What is my ID number?

Your unique ID number is how we identify your Pressure Station. It allows us to produce national and regional blood pressure data after the event.

We need you to include your ID number on every monitoring and survey form you fill out, which you return to us after the event. 

Your ID number will be sent to you in your confirmation email. Please keep a note of this as you will need it for later. When you fill out your forms, please only include the ID number we allocated to you.

To save time and to avoid confusion, it is easier to add your ID number to your forms before Know Your Numbers! Week starts.


I've registered, but I need to change some details. How do I do this?

Please email your ID number, name and postcode and the details you need to change to


What is the deadline for registration?

The deadline for registration is the end of July each year, but for 2020 only it is the end of August. You need to complete your Contact form and Location forms for each venue by this date.


Can I conduct other checks, like cholesterol or BMI, alongside the blood pressure checks?

Know Your Numbers! Week is focused on blood pressure, but we realise that some health professionals will want to take the opportunity to offer other cardiovascular checks as well, for example, cholesterol and BMI.

If you wish to do this, please ensure that you still follow our terms and conditions for your blood pressure testing activities.


I would like to run a Pressure Station but don't have a health professional to offer the checks. What should I do?

To run a Pressure Station, we ask that you try to have a health or fitness professional on board to conduct the checks. There are a number of organisations you can approach: 

  • Your local pharmacist. A local pharmacist may be able and willing to conduct blood pressure checks for you. It's a way of highlighting their services and their role in the community. 
  • Your local Clinical Commissioning Group.
  • Your local Occupational Health provider or nursing agency. 
  • Local gyms and leisure centres. Fitness professionals may be willing to conduct blood pressure checks at your company because it's a good way of promoting their facilities and re-enforcing the health benefits of exercise to those having their blood pressure tested.


How can I pay?

We will invoice you after Know Your Numbers! Week for the resource materials ordered.



Questions about resources


Can I order resources at other times of the year?

Yes. Know Your Numbers! resource packs are available throughout the year for those who are unable to take part in the main event in September. Find details of what’s available, the prices and how to order.


When will my resource pack arrive?

Your resource packs should arrive one to two weeks before Know Your Numbers! Week starts. We’ll keep you posted with more specific dates in our Know Your Numbers! e-newsletters. 

You will need to complete both registration forms – the Contact form and Location form – before the registration deadline to make sure we can get your packs to you in time. We can’t accept responsibility for late delivery of resource packs to those who haven’t submitted forms by the closing date.


Can Resource packs be sent to a different address to my Pressure Station address?

Yes, resource packs can be sent to different addresses. When you register, the Pressure Station location form will give you the option of choosing whether the pack is sent to the address you put on the contact form (where you are based) or where you will hold your Pressure Station.


I've run out of posters and monitoring forms, can I get some more?

Posters, monitoring forms and survey forms will all be available to download and print from our website before and during the event. We will send a reminder about this before Know Your Numbers! Week.


Are there any other patient information materials I can use?

Yes. As well as the Know Your Numbers! resource packs, we have a range of booklets and factsheets to help people to lower their blood pressure.



Questions for after Know Your Numbers! Week


Where can I find my ID number?

You can find your ID number:
* in your Pressure Station location confirmation e-mail
* on the address label of your resource pack.

We need you to include your ID number on every monitoring and survey form you fill out, which you return to us after the event.

If you still can't find your ID number, please email the full details of the person who registered, to:





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