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We are a small but dedicated multidisciplinary team, taking on high blood pressure.


Meet the team at Blood Pressure UK.


Chief Executive Officer

Phil Pyatt 

Phil Pyatt became Blood Pressure UK’s Chief Executive in August 2021. He was previously Chief Executive of TimeBank, a national volunteering charity. Before joining TimeBank, Phil was CEO of Action for Stammering Children, a UK charity helping to support children and young people who stammer. Phil was also Director of Inspiring the Future at the Education and Employers Taskforce, helping to grow the online programme to engage over 10,000 teachers and more than 30,000 volunteers, and was also Director of Engagement at, helping small local charities raise over £4 million in online donations. He has worked both in interactive television and at the BBC and moved to the voluntary sector to work on youth projects. This led him to the charity Crimestoppers, where he headed up the youth team and also to NESTA where he worked on education projects on innovation.



Marketing Manager

Hemini Bharadia

Phone: 020 7882 6255



Office and Membership Administrator

Louise Karmali

Phone: 020 7882 6255



Specialist Hypertension Nurse and Information line adviser

Nirmala Markandu RN

Phone: 020 7882 6218           




For all media enquiries and interviews please contact David Clarke at Rock PR

Phone: 07773 225516



Volunteer for us

Our volunteers are vital to the work we do. They allow us to reach more people, raising awareness of high blood pressure – helping to save lives.

Join the fight against the leading cause of heart attacks and strokes in the UK.


Our Trustees

We're governed by a team of expert health professionals who specialise in cardiovascular and renal medicine, led by our Chairman, Graham MacGregor, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine and leading expert in high blood pressure.




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Wolfson Institute of Population Health, Charterhouse Square, London, EC1M 6BQ

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