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This new digital service offers easy-to-use tools to track, analyse and gain valuable insights into your own blood pressure.


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September 2023 will be the launch of the new blood pressure management online tool My Blood Pressure. Developed alongside clinical experts, My Blood Pressure is brought to you free of charge by Kinetik Wellbeing, the UK’s largest independent medical device company – with the exclusive support of national charity, Blood Pressure UK, to empower individuals to take control of their heart health.



About high blood pressure

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a global health challenge affecting millions.

Shockingly, approximately 5.5 million adults in England remain unaware that they have this condition. Even more concerning, high blood pressure is responsible for over half of all strokes and heart attacks, as highlighted in the January 2017 Health Matters report.

That's where My Blood Pressure steps in. This new digital service offers easy-to-use tools to track, analyse, and gain valuable insights into your own blood pressure. My Blood Pressure goes beyond just the numbers, it takes your unique blood pressure readings into consideration to provide you with personalised clinical advice, equipping you with an increased understanding of what your readings mean.


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Heart Hub

Within the Heart Hub area of My Blood Pressure, you can find engaging and educational content from experts within their field, including:

Educational Blood Pressure Content

These articles help to explain what blood pressure is and provide easy to follow advice on how to reduce it.  Authors include Dr Katie Stephens, who has extensive experience working as both an NHS GP as well as in private telehealth. While the other articles are created by Blood Pressure UK, the only UK charity dedicated to lowering the nation’s blood pressure.

Exercise Recommendations

These straightforward articles look at workouts that are specifically optimised for lowering blood pressure and improving your heart’s health. These are provided by nutritionists and fitness experts from a leading chain of gyms in the UK.  


Heart-Healthy Recipes

Medical evidence has consistently shown that excessive salt intake increases the risk of developing high blood pressure. With these recipes provided by our contributor LoSalt, My Blood Pressure users can now enjoy flavourful and delicious home-cooked meals that contain only one-third of the sodium found in regular table, sea and rock salts without compromising on flavour.





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