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Run a Pressure Station

Reach hundreds of passers-by with a free blood pressure check at a Pressure Station. We will support you with all the resources you need.


Take on high blood pressure by running a Pressure Station.

Nurses, pharmacists, and occupational health and fitness professionals offer blood pressure checks at pop-up venues known as Pressure Stations throughout the year. Here you can read how to organise your own Pressure Station. 

Take a look at how hosting a Pressure Station can benefit you and others, and take inspiration from the highlights from previous years.

If you don’t want to run a Pressure Station, there are many other ways you can help.

How to run a Pressure Station for your own blood pressure testing event

Follow the steps below to organise your event. We will support you with a resource pack. Plus, find answers to frequently asked questions


Step 1. Order your resources

Order our resource packs for your own blood pressure testing and awareness events throughout the year from our shop.

The cost depends on the pack size you order. Prices range from £17.50 plus VAT for materials to test up to 50 people, up to £135 plus VAT to test up to 800 people. See what your resource pack will contain and the costs per pack size. 

Delivery of the packs will take between seven to ten days. You can download the poster for free earlier if you would like to display it sooner.


Step 2. Plan your event

You can host a Pressure Station wherever you like, in your work place, pharmacy, GP surgery, hospital, or local shopping centre. Just make sure it’s visible, in a busy public place with lots of passers-by. You will need to provide a suitable space for measuring blood pressures and giving information, and a validated blood pressure monitor.


Step 3. Promote your event

Take a look at these tips for promoting your event.


Any questions?

You can find out more about who can run a Pressure Station and how in our Know Your Numbers! FAQs

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss the opportunities available, email us at


Hear from those who have taken part in Know Your Numbers! Week and run a Pressure Station

“What an incredible Know Your Numbers! Week.” Kinetik Wellbeing

“A big thank you to Hemini and the Blood Pressure UK team for their support and professional information to make Know Your Numbers! Week 2017 a success.” Greencore

“It was an interesting campaign and well worth the effort. Thank you Blood Pressure UK for making Know Your Numbers! Week a success.” Frimley Health NHS Trust

“This was a well-received event and I will be running another next year.” Pfizer

“Always a good exercise to promote good lifestyle and health awareness.” AAF International

We found 113 people with raised blood pressure and requiring follow up with GP referral or lifestyle advice.” FHFT_Wellbeing


Please note that Know Your Numbers!® is a registered trademark and all activities must be done in partnership with Blood Pressure UK.




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